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Frequently Asked Questions


Tell me about the variations of Uqasha.

It's pretty simple actually. If you've watched my FAQ video above, you should be able to differentiate them already. But if you need them in bullet points, here goes. Uqasha from Wattpad (2015) Uqasha was first written on Wattpad with a prologue + 80 chapters back in 2015. The total word count was insane, approximately 150k words. I like to regard this version as the first original draft, very much unfiltered with 'getting my feet wet' vibe since it was my very first time trying to write a Malay novel, with such controversial niche. Uqasha: Nafsu & Uqasha 2: Rahsia (2016) These are the first published paperbacks of Uqasha from Wattpad above by Lejen Press. Since the manuscript was way too long and Lejen's regular books are around 60k words, we decided to divide this original manuscript into 2 parts; hence Nafsu and Rahsia. They are basically the same as Uqasha from Wattpad with no signifant changes by Lejen's editorial team then. So, if you've managed to read Uqasha from Wattpad front to back, chances are you have automatically read Uqasha: Nafsu & Uqasha 2: Rahsia. Uqasha Suci (2018) I consider this as the final version, which was adapted and rewritten from scratch by yours truly. I took a few long months fine-tuning this version, with slight changes to its plot and storyline, and the final manuscript came down to about 100k words. I requested for no more division like previous ones because I don't want any further confusion. If you've never read the original Uqasha, I would highly suggest to check out this version.

Is Uqasha 2: Rahsia or Uqasha Suci the sequel for Uqasha?

If I ever release a sequel in the future, the title would be Uqasha Amnesia or something along that line. If you don't see Amnesia in the title, then it definitely is not a sequel. Don't bother the number 2 in the title. Please read the different versions of Uqasha above if you haven't. For the record, I did start a sequel for Uqasha back in 2017 with such title in Wattpad. But since I was already in the middle of planning out Uqasha Suci, going back and forth between the original version and the revised version only messed with my brain. So I decided to just stop it altogether.

I heard there's an English version of Uqasha?

Yes! Back in 2017, Fixi London (previously a part of Fixi Malaysia) published the English version of the original Uqasha in United Kingdom. However, due to some complications and internal issues, its paperback version did not make it through in the UK market. I was offered to have them printed for Malaysian market, but I think that is not necessary. So, we proceed that only the e-book version will be made available on Google Play store for purchase! WARNING! This version was translated into English by yours truly following the original 2015 draft, but final editorial was done by Fixi London editorial team/personnel, who basically took all of the explicit scenes to 'international' level. We're talking about 50-shades-kind of explicit here, so... you've been warned.

Which Uqasha should I purchase?

I think the answer lies in yourself. But here's my rule of thumb, a piece of advice:

  • If you have read Uqasha from Wattpad and would like to read a different version, you should get Uqasha Suci. It would be like rereading a familiar story with a little twist.
  • If you love collecting novels, you should get Uqasha: Nafsu and/or Uqasha 2: Rahsia because we have stopped printing them, so they can be regarded as rare collectibles.
  • If you are late to the party, which means that you only get to read Uqasha: Nafsu part in Wattpad, you can consider purchasing Uqasha 2: Rahsia if you want to pick up exactly where you're left off.
  • If you'd like something more 'spicy' in English, get the translated version.
You're getting all of them? Then you're the best kind of supporter that a humble author like me could ever ask for!

Where can I get the e-book version of Uqasha?

Unfortunately at this time, e-book version of Uqasha is not available. This title was published as paperback by Lejen Press and they do not produce e-books. The English version however is available on Google Play for purchase!


I've read Davika from Wattpad before. How does the paperback one differ?

Starting 2020, only 30 chapters of Davika should be available for preview now on Wattpad. If you were lucky and had read its full version before, don't worry. The paperback version includes an extended ending as a gift to earlier supporters. I never released this content elsewhere. I would like to also note that Davika had been edited by Lejen's editorial team with the least active participation from me, so the explicit contents had been altered too, as to follow publication's guideline and avoiding domino effect from Uqasha: Nafsu and Uqasha 2: Rahsia's controversy back then.


Tell me about Rafaella e-book!

I self-published Rafaella in May 2020. This e-book is the professionally edited version with additional chapters. Mind you, Rafaella was first written in 2017 and I had improved so much from then, so of course I would want to put out only the best version that I could possibly get in 2020. If you've read Rafaella before when all 40 chapters were still available for free read on Wattpad, you should be able to notice the difference and additional contents. Since its publication, I have taken down the last 10 chapters as to not confuse its future readers, leaving behind 30 chapters for preview on Wattpad.

Is Rafaella e-book the sequel for Rafaella on Wattpad?

I did try to write its sequel back in 2017 titled Rafaella Boneka. However, I had stopped it altogether. So, to answer your question, Rafaella e-book is not the sequel.

Zine Adam

What is Zine Adam?

Zine is another form of art expression in writing. It is derived from the word magazine, so usually a zine would comprise a compilation of text and images. I was formally introduced to zine back in 2017. I experimented with my first zine titled Adam in 2018. I self-printed and basically produced the small little book with my own two hands. The A6 size of jotter has around 40 pages of contents back-to-back with miscellanous items. I stopped its production late 2018. In May 2020, I self-published the improvised zine as e-book instead. All contents had been revised and illustrated by yours truly. The new zine consists of 80 pages with miscellanous items already included inside.

Is Zine Adam the sequel or continuation of Uqasha?

No, Zine Adam is not the sequel for Uqasha. It is not even a novel. This is a complementary merchandise for Uqasha Suci, comprising of Adam's secret diary written in his school book since he met her. It provides a little insight into his binary brain.

Pemuja Heroga

Is the e-book version the same with the one written on Patreon?

More or less. Patreon was where I first drafted Pemuja Heroga with supports from my beloved patrons when I decided to come back to writing. The e-book version had been professionally edited with extended ending included... because I know my readers would always appreciate extra contents.

Is the e-book version the same with the preview on Wattpad?

Each chapter of Pemuja Heroga on Wattpad is just a preview with less than 1k words per part. I look at it like the preview of upcoming episodes for telenovela and drama on TV. So, reading the preview is like watching all those ads when they come on screen.


Are there sequels for your novels?

I'm very sorry to disappoint you. To be honest, as of now in 2021, I do not have any plan at all to write any sequel for any of my previous novels. The main factor being that... I have totally moved on from their 'struggles and stories' for years now. Therefore, writing their sequels would require me to revisit and reinvest into their 'lives' again, before I am even able to consider writing their sequels. Also, unlike typical writers, I am one-project-at-a-time kind of author. Whenever I write a new fiction, my mind will be very much invested in its own set of characters, so it's just impossible for me to import a different set of souls for a different fiction. I hope this makes sense.

Where can I get your novels?

Depending on which one you're getting, I have different suggestions. Paperback versions are only available for Uqasha: Nafsu, Uqasha 2: Rahsia, Uqasha Suci and Davika. These are all published under Lejen Press, so you can purchase directly from them if you'd like, while copies last. Please note that by 2020, copies may have depleted, especially for Uqasha: Nafsu and Uqasha 2: Rahsia as Lejen had ceased their production since 2017. For the rest, the publisher and I have not considered reprinting them due to slow market and economy right now. Lejen does not produce e-book, so these titles are not available as e-books. Should I get copies from the publisher, I will have them up for sale. Otherwise, you may need to find from other online shops or walk-in to your nearest MPH/Kinokuniya bookstores to see if they have stocks under indie/alternative publishers rack (Lejen Press). For Uqasha (English), no paperback version is available in Malaysia. But you can get the e-book from Google Play Store. For my self-published Zine Adam, the printed version had been ceased since 2018. Only e-book version of this zine is available for purchase at my website here, or you can get it from Google Play Books. Just like my zine, I self-published my third and fourth novel, Rafaella and Pemuja Heroga as e-books. They are available for purchase at my website here, or you can get them from Google Play Store too.

Are you not going to write on Wattpad anymore?

Let me tell you a little backstory. I found Wattpad late 2011. I was a silent reader in the American community. I did try to write 1-2 English novels but I never finished any of them because I was still finishing my degree and writing was not a priority. The account was left inactive in 2012. While waiting for my convocation, I came back to Wattpad in August 2015 but this time, I explored Malaysian community instead. Of course not as big as American, but I had missed writing terribly. So I just began my journey on Wattpad MY with Uqasha. To date, my first novel has reached at least 12.7 million reads. Imagine the royalty I could have received if Wattpad was like Youtube? After all, it was regarded as 'YouTube for Books' among early Wattpaders like myself. Not that I write solely for money, but I learnt in the past 5 years; if you are good at something, never do it for free. I was burnt out. After 3 years of writing diligently (and for free if I may add), I left the writing scene altogether. Not because I didn't enjoy writing, but I felt under-appreciated. Despite my explanation about already starting working, so many DMs were received via my social media; I was demanded for more and more. Like whatever I put out was never enough. At that point of my life, I broke down. My brain just shut off. I needed a break. I was tired trying to please everybody and felt like a loser when they mentioned being disappointed. I remember complaining to a close friend, "If I were to receive at least 10 cent from every read count, I would have at least been a miserable millionaire instead." I still write, just... not publishing them all for free anymore.

Why did you start Patreon?

After more than 2 years of hiatus, I decided to pursue again my dream, which is to just create. I just love being able to produce something from all of my creative ideas; be it a novel, a product, a zine, a video... whatever. I just enjoy creating, and I found Patreon. In March 2020, I left my secured day job in Singapore. In April 2020, I started my creative journey with the launch of my YouTube channel, Mixx Ink by Maria. In May 2020, I kickstarted my Patreon program. I'm pursuing this full-time now, and having a Patreon was definitely one of the best decisions I ever made, to support me not just financially but emotionally. As of right now, I am considering to transfer my membership program from Patreon to my website.

What is the benefit of joining your membership (Patreon) program?

If you love my voice in writing, and/or supporting local artists, and/or finding deep appreciation and satisfaction from doing so for yourself, it will be your main personal perk; a direct contentment from being kind to another soul. But of course, life is transactional in this 3D world. You give something, you will get something back in return, depending on how much you pledge every month. I would recommend you to compare all available perks that would meet your personal budget and preferences. I think the best part is that you get the earliest sneak peeks while I work on my projects. You get the first glimpse before everyone else and not to mention all the behind the scenes and exclusive contents I would not share elsewhere. If you decide to join my membership program, I would be more than fortunate for your direct participation in helping to keep my dream alive. And for that, I will be eternally grateful.