FAQ NOVELS | 5 years & counting...

I lose count. I may have answered this question a thousand times. Like legit a thousand times. Every single time a new novel is out.

Urghhh. This should not be a long post because everything is pretty much answered either in this FAQ video or my updated FAQ section in my website. I even divided it into 2 categories; 1 for my works and another for my Patreon program.

I should be flattered that I still get asked these questions even when I am no longer active on Wattpad. It means that my works are still getting attention.

It's just a bit annoying (yes, annoying) when I already posted explanation and pretty straight forward answers on those published works in Wattpad, yet people were still asking questions that I already provided the answers.

Some people are just lazy to skim through educational updates. I hope they're not lazy to watch a freaking video because if not, then urgh.

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