MIXXVILLE | Welcome to my Patreon kingdom!

I know what you're thinking. I'm guilty if you deem this as childish. I guess I never grow up from that period of my childhood, playing dollhouse.

I started Patreon in May 2020, after planning it for a while. Probably way too excited to give back too much too soon (people pleaser that I am), in the first month itself I self-published 2 e-books and distributed them for free to my patrons.

Patronage was good. I was not expecting that many new patrons to pledge the moment I announced it with the promise of free e-books. I released the first one mid May, and the second one later in the month.

This was when things started to seem a little fishy.

At that time, based on Patreon's recommendation when I was setting up the page, the lowest tier was priced USD 3 per month. Surge of new patrons surfaced when I shared the first e-book, then right after the got it, they cancelled their membership. When I released the second e-book, same damn thing happened and I started to wonder... were they here just for the free e-books?

I was beyond mad! I remembered crying. I just came back to doing what I loved doing before and it had not been a month yet, some mean people were already trying to take advantage of my kindness again, just like in 2015-2018.

That was when I revamped my Patreon the first time. I had to restructure everything, as to not hurt the feelings of those that had sincerely pledged and stayed. I abolished the free e-book perk for good and switched to discount code instead.

So the second version of my Patreon lasted for almost a month before another disaster happened. I called it the Truyen disaster.

Towards the end of June, I announced that I was taking down all of my works from Wattpad and moved them to Patreon. I was also receiving requests from students that really wanted to pledge but USD 3 was a little way too high for their tight budget.

So the third version of my Patreon was made with USD 1 being the lowest tier because I felt really bad for those students. But I guess, sometimes people just wanted to pay for the cheapest thing. Right after I announced the opening of USD 1, many patrons actually downgraded. Fuh...

Honestly, I don't mind. It's their rights to pledge however much they want. I kept it like that and opened the tier until end of July 2020. Because starting August, I will be launching my fourth version of Patreon.


I don't have any specific reason why I wanted to do it like this. Maybe because I wanted to explain my Patreon system but I don't want to do it in a boring way like I